Friday, October 25, 2013

The 2013 Fashion by He's Halloween Guide...

Understand this, Halloween is a woman's holiday. Men play along because we get to see you dress up, look slutty, and have a good time. There is no chance you would get any guy to dress up for Halloween if girls weren't constantly walking out of the house half naked and calling it an outfit.

1) Be a Cat or Mouse - Cute/Sexy black tight dress, thigh highs, heels, ears and boom you have the simplest best costume ever created. Best part is you don't look entirely like a jackass.
2) Wear All Black - Here is your chance, not like you need another one, to wear skin tight all black. Show off that body before winter comes and ruins it.
3) Camo - It's Easy - You can get it at a thrift shop, and easy to turn into a sexy costume.
4) Wear Heels - Every outfit, no matter what you are looks better with heels, this is a given

1) Be Miley Cyrus - Wear a bear backpack, DIY bear bodysuit, just stay away, if you want to dance slutty and twerk, fine, but don't do it in a Miley costume.

2) Dress as Food - No guy wants to go home with the girl dressed like pizza, burger or fries. Maybe you can pull off the cute M&Ms with a crew of friends but overall terrible costume idea.
3) Try to Hard - No one wants professional outfits, no one is impressed

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