Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fashion by She: Turning the School Girl Look into a Fall Fashion Outfit

Over the knee socks are definitely a fall favorite of mine! Paired with a cute short dress, skirt or shorts… easiest way to complete the outfit! Not only is a black pair the perfect optical illusion, (they make your legs look TINY), adding it to an everyday outfit creates a little school girl vibe no one around you will be able to ignore. Rawr. Don’t be afraid to go for open- toed shoes and long socks! It may feel a little odd at first, but it’s a fashion trend that will stick around for a while. Everyone in Europe has been doing it for quite some time, I think it’s time we step it up over here too.
P.S. Did someone say leg love? ;)

HE's EDITORS NOTE: Every guys loves thigh highs in all shapes and forms. Like She said, they make your legs look thinner, and every guy will not be able to ignore, fact! Not a huge fan of the tights or socks and the open toed shoe look, something about it doesn't look right. Definitely needs a heel, wearing thigh highs with flat boots, looks absolutely terrible and completely takes the sex appeal out of the look.

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