Monday, October 14, 2013

BROO...The Beer You Can Actually Use in Your Hair

BRÖÖ YOUR 'DO!  BRÖÖ transforms home-brewed beauty remedies that have been around for ages, elevating them to professional grade, ultra-performing, all-natural products for your hair and body. Tapping into the "beauty in beer", BRÖÖ serves up six cleansing and conditioning products that have intoxicated the natural hair care industry with uncompromising lather and luxury.  Founders, Sarah and Brad Pearsall, with their shared passion to achieve strong, shiny hair naturally, literally brewed and blended handcrafted beers into natural, salon-level hair care products; taking the home-brewed “beer hair” rinse “from saloon to salon!” The B vitamins, proteins and minerals in micro brewed beer’s barley and hops make your hair strong, healthy and shiny, branding BRÖÖ the “Super-drink” for beautiful hair. Their products are as follows:

Complete honesty, He tried these shampoos and at first no clue that it was made from beer. 100% did not put two and two together. He couldn't for the life of He figure out what the smell was, but He just knew it was good. Once He found out it was made of beer, it got even more fun, no He didn't try and drink any, but it did quickly become He's favorite new shampoo. Get some BROO.

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