Monday, September 16, 2013

Nolca Fashion Week Round Up...Collection Reviews

Big boss man He went over to Nolcha Fashion Week as He was invited by Nolcha and a few of the designers and in true statesmen format, He was treated like a King. Front row seats right next to He's new crush Chloe Bridges, pretty sure its a two way crush. But back to the fashion, got to see a total of 6 designers all in one show, by far the best idea every created. Here are the FbyHe Reviews of the read more...


See full reviews after the break...


Tess Johnson  - He has said it a billion times by now, great looking designers, make great looking clothing. This was a great show, see full collection here. This was a collection that you could easily see someone walking down the street in. He Approved

Bela Criacao - Another great collection, see full pics here, big fan of the lace details. the black jumpsuit pictured below, and showing off just the right amount of skin.
Claire Farwell London - another great collection, the necklace, and two toned look was He's favorite part. Bold move by the designer to wear the last dress down the runway, but it worked.

 Maita Marimo- All about these pants, the collection of pants, not sure the pictures translate very well, but these were the highlight of the collection. Great ruffling affect, could easily be taken to market and exttremely popular. See full collection here

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