Monday, September 16, 2013

Civic Duty Shoes...He Eco-Friendly Shoe Option!

Civic Duty footwear is made of Tyvek®, a comfortable, breathable material made by DuPont that is also water resistant and highly durable. At Civic Duty, we’ve discovered the fashion-forward qualities of Tyvek’s® as well, with creative styling and a host of attractive colors.

Most commonly used as a wrap to protect housing from the elements, you may also know it as the same material that is used on FedEx envelopes. 

The Tyvek® has been pre-wrinkled to give our shoes a "worn" look right out of the box. It is normal that over time, the color of the shoe will fade a bit, adding to the vintage look.

Our shoes are made with glues and dyes that are environmentally friendly. Our streamlined packaging is made of recycled materials.
We all know how much He doesn't like Toms, but know what He does like - Civic Duty Shoes. He got himself a pair of the black high tops and pretty much couldn't take them off. As much as He loves a girl in heels, also not the worst thing in the world if she can rock a pair of high tops too. Really comfortable shoe and its kinda nice knowing your also doing something good for the world. Pick up a pair of your own here.

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