Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CHEATING in the Street Style Photography World...

He has met quite a few other street style blogger/photographers in He's day, and they were all very nice people. The act that He witness this past weekend was blatant street style photographer cheating. This creepster photographer, pretty much stood in the street taking pictures of girls, while his girlfriend (some chick with him) was stopping girls outside a flea market lining them up to have their picture taken. Can't get any easier then that.

What might seem reasonable to most people is complete and total bullshit. Ever wonder why no one shoots fish in a barrel? Because its god damn to f*cking easy. It's the same reason why street style photographers go out and find their own pictures/girls to take. We don't stand around having others corral girls for us, we hit the streets and we find that next girl to shoot.

On behalf of all street style photographers in NYC and around the world, I would like to officially name this photographer a cheater. I would suggest that everyone stops following him and his blog, and know from this day forth, his pictures are not legit.


P.S. The outfit and the hair did NOT help his cause at all.
P.S. Below is one of this subjects

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  1. The awkward cheating aside, I don't know what baffles me more: the fact that the person in the left photo is actually a GUY or that the subject he chose in the bottom photo is wearing the most boring outfit in the world. Gah.


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