Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bare Backpacks...Back to School, Get Ready for Fall!

Though the modern backpack has been a baggage staple since the 1950's, it has seen very little change aesthetically. For many years It was either Jansport or no sport.  Infantile or no style.

We felt it was about time a backpack was created for those who know the difference between tweed and herringbone. The informed consumer can now sport BARE. True to its name, the concept is simple. If we don't need it, we don't keep it.  What remains is clean, lean, design with a purpose.

He got a Bare Backpack of his own in the mail the other day and He was really surprised by the quality and the padding this bag offered.Time to put the North Face into the closet and replace it with a Bare Bag. He is using it as a camera bag but there is also a laptop section that is very well padded. Backpacks are in these days, guys all over the place back to carrying them, say no to messenger bags say yes to the backpack.

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