Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed List...

The 2013 Emmy Awards were a big bore fest. The crowd wasn't even that good, pretty much a huge waste of time, but because its the Emmy Awards, FbyHe brings you the best and the worst dressed list in no special order.-He

Aubrey Plaza - I love you always and forever, probably He's favorite everything of the night
Taylor Schilling  - Side Boob City #NoBraRevolution
Allison Williams - Simple and B-E-A-UTIFUL...whoaaa hot shoes.
Lena Dunham - at least you are wearing clothing, cannot stand to see you naked one more time...add some more eye make up next time, oh wait you already had on tons and tons
Anna Ferris - Bad Wig Job, What happened to the hot Anna Ferris from House Bunny. 
Heidi Klum - You are not a mermaid, you are a hot milf, dress accordingly.
Zosia Mamet - Your potential is greater than that dress

Kelly Osbourne - The purple hair trend is sooo 2012, move on

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