Friday, August 16, 2013

Marry? Fuck? Kill? The Terrible Shoe Edition...

Everyones favorite game is back with probably the three ugliest shoes ever made. Could have added in ballet flats and crocs, but these three are all more relevant these days.

UGGS: Marry - Lots of good looking chicks wear them, only reason they get to live this time around.
JELLIES: Kill - Cannot think of one occasion where these would be necessary, not one.
BIRKENSTOCKS: Fuck - Hippie chick, probably down for some dirty fun

Now You Go...

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  1. This is so cool working and this post really opens my mind about women's apparel.

  2. birckenstocks are freakin hoooooooooooorible!!!!!wanna smack girls across their face when i see them wearing them!even some very cool bloggers wear them too-do not get it!!!:)))velcro sandals are another shoes that should be banned by law!;)))


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