Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FashionTALK by He...REESE

REESE is a lifestyle brand defined by contemporary Canadian women’s wear with an eclectic aesthetic and attainable price point. It embodies the personal style and spirit of its CEO and designer Sherise Cromwell.

Welcome to another edition of FashionTALK by He with REESE designer Sherise Cromwell.  Designer of some pretty sexy bathing suits/bodysuit, He thought the ArmHe needed to get to know the growing brand and the designer a little bit better.

He: Can you give a brief overview, a little about yourself...

My name is Reese, and I am a mix of Native Indian, Egyptian, Iraqi and Black. I've designing women's clothing and accessories for 5 years. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada Now 24, I have started to experience the world - which is my biggest inspiration when constructing a garment or collection.

He: Describe Reese in one word?

He: What made you decide to start your own clothing line?
When I was in high school I wasn't blessed with a huge closet. So I started taking my old clothes and I would reconstruct them. After I graduated I started sewing more... For myself, for friends, then friends of friends... Before I new it I started a job for myself. My designs started getting more attention, so I decided to create small collections of accessories/dresses/swimwear.

He: Who is the Reese girl?
A REESE girl is a risk taker! Bold. Someone who can appreciate fine/one of a kind pieces. My collections are for the women who understand it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it! ;)

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He: He wants to officially thank you for making girls look hotter with your bikinis, where do you get the inspiration?
Aw, thank you! All my inspiration has come from my recent travels throughout the world. This specific collection was inspired by my recent connection with Los Angeles. Being here gave me the feeling of a city girl lost in an LA world. But other names in my collection are inspired by Hawaii and New York.

He: What are some upcoming trends the readers should be aware of?
Textures! Mixing prints and texture is everything. My newest F/W collection will best represent this. Make sure you keep tabs on me!

He: What will be the big thing for Reese Fall? Winter? Spring?
The biggest thing for REESE to implement would be fit. I'm a curvy women and the hardest thing for me to find is a garment that hugs and embraces me as a women. This is what REESE will strive to prefect. 

He: Your collection isinsanely sexy, not even sure that does it justice, if you had to pick one piece from the collection as your favorite which would it be?
My high waisted bottoms with the mesh panels, Aolani. Shows the right about of bum and accentuates the waist.  

He: One piece of clothing you cannot live without? 
My black leather jacket. Whether it's to dress up or down, this allows you to be presentable regardless. It's a key piece in anyones closet.

He: What is the biggest mistake people make in fashion?
Being too safe! Experiment. Be the trend setter - there are too many followers already.

He: In your opinion, whats the biggest "fashion faux pas?"
Matching! I cannot stand seeing this, makes me itch.

He: Whats the best advice you can give the readers about style and fashion? 
Personal style is a reflection of your personality. Make a statement. Be memorable.

He: Are granny panties ever acceptable?

He: He believes high heels are a must, what are you thoughts? Heels/wedges 
with bikinis yes or no?
I feel that if you find it necessary to wear heels with a bikini make sure it's a wedge. When I see stilettos with beach wear I feel like I'm on set of a music video, not into it.

He: If you could have your clothes appear on the floor of one celebrity sex tape, who's would it be? 

He: What does the future hold for Reese? 
Loads of timeless, unique pieces. 

He: Any famous last words?
"It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it!" Again, make sure you keep tabs on me, REESE always has new and exciting things going on! THANK YOU HE!!!!

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