Monday, August 26, 2013

Absolutely HATE When Mothers Try and Act-Dress Cool Like Their Daughers

mother and daughter walking in soho
Do not for a second get He wrong, The mom looks good. BUT, you can obviously tell she is just trying to keep up with the daughter and seem "cool." Probably one of He's biggest pet peeves, when moms try and be the daughter and her friends best friends. Like you are their mom, act like it, stop trying to be sisters. The WORST part is these types of moms never even realize it. They just think they are one of the girls, wearing the cool clothing...get a life. 

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  1. She looks good, I don't think she's trying to compete atall, she is covered up but still had style!

  2. she looks good and in this outfit, it's age appropriate and she doesn't look a trying hard


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