Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Outfits That Actually Look Good On Pear-Shaped Figures

Summer Outfits That Actually Look Good On Pear-Shaped Figures

It’s not easy to figure out how to dress yourself to impress in the summers while enjoying the benefit of light clothing (unless you have hired professional advisors). You can turn out to be a fashion disaster if you are not well informed on how to dress yourself according to your figure.

Pear shaped figures are perhaps the trickiest to handle during the summer season. Tarry not, there are ways to emphasize all the best of your assets and highlight all the rest in a way that is much more appeasing to your eyes.

Dressing for the summers

Shorts & Tee

The ideal casual outfit for summer would definitely be a pair of shorts and a ragged old tee. For your figure, you just can’t go for any short. Keep away from super tight shorts or mid-thigh length shorts as they will only serve to reveal your thighs in an unflattering manner.

Instead, go for knee length shorts and make sure that these are as simple as possible without unnecessary pleating to accentuate your bum or thighs. Prefer dark colors for your shorts and a lighter colored tee. The color pairing will draw eyes more to your upper half than the lower and would let you be at your ease in the sweltering heat.

You can also pair some cleverly quoted t-shirts with the shorts. Online personalized apparel stores like www.shirtmagic.com give you the option to get a custom design on your tee. This could include a quote from your favorite TV show or a logo from your favorite music album. The options are limitless!

Flared Skirts

When it comes to casual hang outs for which you need to be a little more dressed up, a summer dress might be a good idea.

Summer dresses with their flared out skirts and varied use of fabrics such as chiffon will offer you a way to show off your lower body and reveal the best of your assets.

Furthermore, with a more fitted bodice, you would also be able to show off your upper half as well. You can wear it with ballet flats and one of the floral patterned handbags that are the rage this season

Formal Suits

Formal wear, especially for the office, should be made up of clothing with darker colors. If you are going for a skirt instead of a pair of pants, prefer the skirt to be at least mid-thigh length as well as being simply tailored.

Chrissy Teigen at the ESPYS might be a good style inspiration when it comes that. The jacket of the suit must also be very carefully chosen.

You do not want to buy anything that overwhelms you by its length or is too short to be coming anything at all. So, get a suit with a coat that covers up your hips either full or at least halfway down. Pair this with nice pair of pumps and you are good to go.

You might find it tricky to dress up at first, but it’s not an impossible feat to achieve. There is always a way to dress yourself in a way that highlights the best of your features. 

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