Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Miami Swim Week Street Style Round Up...The Model Edition

Obviously she loved He, and clearly He just stepped in to take the picture.
This creep had beaten He to it, but used a cell phone, step up your model off duty picture taken game dude.
Not even sure how He managed to get these pictures while in a moving car, but He has skills like no other
This is the perfect outfit

Of course He was going to take a little time to stalk models while down in MIA, Models Love He so how could He not, these lucky ladies made the pages of FbyHe. Look good and He will find you

More pictures after the break...

Here are a few models walking from the SLS Hotel to the Raleigh Hotel to get ready for the shows.

Some weird Photo shoot He came across
Is she 18? Then again that somehow doesn't really matter in the fashion world

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