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FashionTALK by He...The Naven Twins

The Naven Twins, aka the girls behind the brand Naven, have been blowing up lately, you probably wear their clothing and if not you should. Kym and Alexis McClay design clothing that is in some of your favorite stores, on your favorite celebrities, and continues to be He Approved. With their brand continuing to grow He thought this would be a great time to sit down, interview the twins about their brand Naven.
Kym and Alexis McClay
Kym and Alexis McClay
Kym and Alexis McClay

He: Describe TheNavenTwins in one word?
He: What made you decide to start your own clothing line?
A passion for art, self-expression, and standing out from the crowd from a young age, and as an adult seeing a void for affordable yet quality apparel for the perfect “going out look”.
He: Who is the TheNavenTwins girl?
The Naven girl is fearless and empowered; she knows what she is worth, and never plays it safe.  But, she’s also a kid at heart,  has a silly side, never takes herself or life too seriously.  She makes a bold statement in her wardrobe, but lightens it up with pops of color.
He: He wants to officially thank you for making girls look hotter with your clothing, where do you get the inspiration?
We design each piece for our “dream closet” so that everything piece has the influence of our personal style.  We truly believe in our designs and how a girl will feel sexy and confident in every NAVEN piece. 
He: What are some upcoming trends the readers should be aware of?
Summer trends are all about bright neon solids and lace as well as color blocking.


He: What will be the big thing for TheNavenTwins Fall? Winter? Spring?
We really got deep and emotional for fall, and wanted to express a darker different side of NAVEN.  We used dark rich moody colors and textures like burgundies, galactic and midnight blues, black and metallic leathers, and dark tweeds.   We incorporated military and equestrian inspired looks to express the inner warrior.  We of course had to incorporate a clueless inspired plaid mini collections being California girls at heart!

He: Your collections are insanely sexy, not even sure that does it justice, if you had to pick one piece from the collection as your favorite which would it be? 
I’m really into the Twisted Cutout Dress from our NAVEN CASUALS Summer Collection for $100.

He: One piece of clothing you cannot live without?
I seriously cannot live without my high wasted circle shorts or circle skirts, I live in them!  There’s something so sexy and classic about the curves a high wasted pant, short, or skirt adds to the figure. 

He: What is the biggest mistake people make in fashion?
I say it over and over, dress for your body type.  If you don’t fit the look, and don’t feel comfortable in the look it shows.  Confidence is what makes it evertime!
He: In your opinion, whats the biggest "fashion faux pas?"
I don’t think there’s necessarily a “Faux Pas”.  Fashion is self-expression and I fully support being your unique self even if not for everybody.  There have been times when I’ve suppressing who I am, and I regretted every moment. 
He: Whats the best advice you can give the readers about style and fashion?
Find out who you are at the core and how you want to express yourself, and incorporate that into your wardrobe.  For me, it’s all about bright colors, structured fits, clean lines, short hems, and empowering silhouettes;  girl power!
He: Are granny panties ever acceptable?
Ok fine there’s my one fashion “Faux Pas”
He: He believes high heels are a must, what are your thoughts? 
High heels are a must for any NAVEN cocktail dress or gown, but sometimes a pair of flat, worn, vintage black strappy boots can add a city feel to a formal look, and the contrast can be really cool.

He: If you could have your clothes appear on the floor of one celebrity sex tape, who's would it be?
I’d be surprised and devastated if my fashion icons ended up in some sort of sex scandal, but hands down Kira Knightly
He: What does the future hold for The Naven Twins?
You’ll have to follow our story on social media to find out

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