Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FashionTALK by He...Eau Paix Vie Swimwear

After He's last post feature EauPaixVie swimwear, it was time to sit the sisters behind the brand down for what has become known as FashionTALK by He. A trend that continues with every swimwear brand He finds, the designers are always HottHes, so go figure that holds true for both Simone and Carly. EauPaixVie Swimwear has been taken over not only the swimworld, instagram, but He cannot get their pictures out of He's head. Let's jump right into the interview and see what makes this brand so successful...

He: What does Eau Paix Vie mean? Its means water, peace, life in French - which pretty much sums up our brand in 3 words.

He: What made you decide to start your own swimwear line? Simone: We have always been big travelers, with our frequent visits to summer destinations across the globe it was only natural to have a love for swimwear. After travelling Europe for a year and piecing together what I wanted to do, this was it. I told my sister and she jumped on board too !

He: Who is the Eau Paix Vie girl? An Eau Paix Vie Girl is someone with confidence, individuality, a funny personality and is down to earth, beautiful from the inside to out and someone is always up to have fun and loves sunshine, water and peace!

He: He wants to officially thank you for making girls look insanely hotter with your bikinis, where do you get the inspiration? Haha ! All over the world! There are so many beautiful girls out there it does get really hard trying to pick just a few ! We are constantly inspired by the places we go, and the people around us.

He: He has been pushing the Go Cheeky campaign for years now, do you feel like its finally taken over the globe? YES! FINALLY ! We spent a lot of time in America and came back here and no one had cheeky butts on…. we cant stand to look at a bottom that isn’t even half cheeky! We are all for Go Cheeky to take over !!

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He: What are some upcoming trends the readers should be aware of? Anything can change and come and go so quickly ! I think be prepared for lots of pop colors with detailing, also swimwear is getting far more cheekier, girls are much more confident in what they are wearing. I guess less is more.

He: What will be the big thing for Eau Paix Vie in the upcoming seasons? Of course our signature two tone cheeky cuts in the coolest colours!

He: If you had to pick one piece from the collection as your favorite which would it be? In our new collection from FLAMINGO MERMAID I would say the Zuma top which is a simple light blue bandeau with the cabo bottoms which have little cut outs of flowers and come in a super bright pink. Anything that we can mix and match is our favourite!

He: What is one piece of clothing you cannot live without? A bikini of course! Along with something comfy to throw on after the beach or poolside!

He: What is the biggest mistake people make in fashion? Both on the beach and off... I think a lot of people try so hard with fashion it almost burns themselves out. It is an industry where people are always trying to please people. We believe if you’re just yourself and not worry about what other designers are doing your already more than half way to success.

He: In your opinion, whats the biggest "fashion faux pas?" Crocs ! Especially with socks !

He: What is your favorite accessory to go with your bikini? A big felt hat and sunglasses! He: Are granny panties ever acceptable? Not in a million years!

He: He believes high heels are a must, and wedges and bikinis make for a great combo, what are you thoughts? Eau Paix Vie’s style is very relaxed and individual. While we agree that heels and bikinis looks hot on some labels, we think EPV SWIM suits no shoes the most.

He: Body chains and bikinis? Yes or No? Big N O !

He: If you could have your bikinis appear on the floor of one celebrity sex tape, whose would it be? Cara Delevigne

He: What does the future hold for Eau Paix Vie Swimwear? We are doing Fashion weeks next year, trade shows, travelling, designing and most of all having fun and loads of hard work !

He: Are you two single? Simone : Yes, it’s the best right now! Carly : No


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