Monday, July 1, 2013

Fashion by He Summer Sunglass Wishlist...

Ray-Ban Wayfarer- Classic, never going out to style, old faithful, look good on pretty much everyone. An absolute must have in the collection. Make sure to get polarized.

Persol - sunglasses to the stars. Every celebrity is currently rocking these. If you can afford them you need them.

Carrerra - reflective shades are everywhere this summer. Why not buy into the trend with a pair of Carrreras and call it a day. Good for creepin too, no one can see where your eyes are wandering off too!

Ray Ban Aviators -  A lot of people look insanely good in aviators. Since Tom Cruise made them famous in Top Gun, people cannot get enough of this style. Available in reflective and normal lens, you can pick whichever fits your style best.

Best part about this list is it works for men and woman

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