Friday, July 5, 2013

Best Summer Apparel Gift Ideas for Men

It's not uncommon for men to say that they aren't into shopping. However even for men who would prefer practically anything over a trip to the mall, there's usually an inherent urge to look good. Dressing well can make all the difference in the world in terms of how a person is received, so men - especially those in the professional sector - owe it to themselves to look crisp on a daily basis.
One of the best ways to get the man in your life to look his best this summer is to surprise him with some clothing-related gifts. Warm summer weather allows for a variety of different options for men to embrace, and they don't have to cost you a fortune.
Here are just a few things you might want to consider when shopping for the man in your life this summer:

When the sun's shining bright, there's nothing more important than owning a quality pair of shades. Sunglasses come in all different shapes and sizes, which means the variety you have to choose from can be staggering. While this opens up a great deal of options, it also means you might have a hard time making a decision.
Choose a pair of shades that will match the personality of the person you're buying for, as well as how they tend to dress. Take note that a quality pair of sunglasses can be somewhat costly; expect to spend near or more than $100. Pricier shades tend to have better lenses, which can help to protect the eyes from harmful U.V. rays. They also tend to be more stylish than their counterparts.

Choosing shirts for the summer weather isn't always easy. When it's hot outside, there's nothing worse than getting caught in a heavy, uncomfortable shirt. To summarize, summer shorts should be:

  • Light in weight
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Sunny in color
A lightweight shirt will help to keep the person wearing it as cool as possible, so be sure to stay away from materials such as cotton or silk. Avoid shirts that are dark in color also, which can amplify the heat of the sun. Finally, look for shirts that are breathable and not too tightly knit; many sport shirts for men fit this description. Neoprene, for example, it a material commonly used in sports shirts, and allows the body to breathe and to air itself out properly even under the harshest of conditions.

Many people discount the importance of wearing proper footwear in the summer, but it can make all the difference in the world in terms of one's comfort levels. The right pair of sandals is one that is comfortable, yet provides proper arch support. More often than not, sandals tend to fall towards either one of the above instead of being balanced in between, which can result in blisters and other issues. Look for sandals made by a well-known brand that are constructed out of either leather, canvas or similar material. Some prefer sandals that feature a heel, while others find these to be uncomfortable.
Shopping for men's summer clothing can be a lot of fun, especially if you're buying the items as gifts. The more thought you put into what you buy, the happier he's likely to be!

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