Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What He Learned on a Trip to Miami...

1) "People in Miami Love having their picture taken" -from girl on this boat
2) Clubs were invented as a place for white people to dance. It's dark, people are drinking, lights going everywhere, a place white people can feel they are dancing well. However, white people dancing on boats in the middle of the day, sober looks awkward as all hell.
3) He met a mermaid, still convinced she was real, even though she had legs
4) Chasing kids around is tiring 
5) Having a Flat Ass is unfortunate
6) Always hold onto your sunglasses...thanks to the ocean for stealing He's away :-(
7) Cheeky Bottoms are a Miami Requirement, don't even visit without one...the Cheeky the Better!

8) Sea Shell Bikini, Never a good decision, fake boobs or not
9) Rafts are fun, so are large groups of boats...paddle boarding takes practice
 10) HE is going back for Miami Swim Week!!!!

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