Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are You a Blogger? Does Your Photographer Suck?

 "What the fuck is taking so long!!"

Watched this duo try and get a single shot for 30 minutes. If your photographer takes this long to take a picture it is time for a change. No way should it take 30 minutes to get a good picture. Hell He took a dozen pictures of her, and then another 20 of other people in the time it took this dude to get off one picture. While the ice coffee was a nice accessory idea, if it comletely melts in the time it takes to get a picture off, becomes worthless.

P.S. NYC Bloggers...email He if you want your picture taken.
PPS...She's cute

EDITORS UPDATE: Meet NYC Fashion Blogger Carly from College Prepster

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1 comment:

  1. If ever you make any plans to come to Montreal, you are more than welcome to come and take my pictures!!!

    Lena xoxo


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