Thursday, May 9, 2013

When Boyfriends and Girlfriends Fight it Makes He Laugh...

Leave the Zero get with the HEro. So many goodlooking girls in NYC with the absolute worst guys, not sure if its a confidence issue or what, but girls need to look in the mirror or at their significant other and reevaluate. Bro is in white puma sneakers, grow up.

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  2. yes that happens a lot all over the world .. well girls first need to start respecting themselves and having some morals with dating and all and not just be with a guy . They should focus on their future and studies instead of looking for a guy at such a young age .. There is definitely a problem in our society if girls want to date a boy as young as 12 or 13 .
    They should focus on what career path and future they want to have instead focusing and being brainwashed by tv and movies about finding the fairytale prince or having sex with a guy like in sex and the city .. This is real life and people have to wake up . Life is not a game .

    1. by the way my comment is not meant to offend anyone but I am just getting my opinion and thought out about this issue ..


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