Friday, May 10, 2013

Three Girls...One Pair of Shoes...Who Wore it Best?

Girl 1: Goes for guys with money, love the attention. Couldn't be wearing a shorter dress if she tried. Leather jacket to finish it off. Shoes: Lassie Shiney Stack Platfroms from Topshop
Girl 2: Goes for guys with money, also loves the attention, is the hot girl so gets a lot of it. Managed to find a shorter dress then Girl 1. Leather jacket to finish it off. Shoes: Loud Hi-Vamp Platform Sandals from Topshop
Girl 3: Sorry no full body shot. But potentially the best outfit. Shoes: Senso Chunky Cork Sandal or Zara
 Good hair, cool ring, great ass, good legs. He likes this leather jacket over Girl 1.

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  1. I am not a fan of wearing tight and short pieces to clothing . The pants with heels are best and modest at the same time .. as you can see you commented that she has a great bum well I definitely would not want to dress like that because you get the wrong kind of attention from guys even gals .. basically you don't want to dress like a piece of meat and have guys drowl all over u just because of the way you are dressing .. Yes the girls do look great but save it for the gym not outside .


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