Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HottHe of the Week...Morgan & Katerina

Two Frumps sitting on a stoop, meet Morgan and Katerina, HottHe's in some of the craziest patterns and mix and match outfits you have ever seen on Fashion by He. Where most of you will think He would be against this kind of outrageous style, this duo manages to pull it off and still earn He's Approval.  All others beware of trying to pull of this "Frump" look as there is a fine line of looking good and looking like a mess. Best part is Morgan and Kat always have on a sick pair of heels with every outfit! Morgan and Katerina, frump or no frump you are the HottHes of the Week.
What is a frump?A Hopeless Mismatch. We make bad things good again; old things new again ; recycle ideas and do so genuinely.You won't be spotted wearing the same thing as the girl next to you on the subway. A frump is a gleaner - Sometimes it's really bad. Sometimes it doesn't match. But it isn't about wearing designer labels or spending lots of money on stupid shit, or hash tagging.  You are a frump if you make your own rules and refuse to be swayed by what other people are doing. It's inventive, it's scientific, it's exciting.

How would you describe your style?  
Morgan: Deliberately frazzled, sometimes boyish. I like tucking my hair into my collar, wearing baggy trousers and working the midriff. 
Katerina: I love mixing prints and styles that generally don't go together, such as stuffy high-brow designer with more off-beat street-style items (also overpriced and designer but just looks cheap), e.g. florals and pop-art, embroidery and sweatshirts, and so on. Imagine a girl who would only wear sweatpants with heels and silk suits with sneakers and then throw in some loud prints in there and you have me.

Who is Your Style Icon? 
Morgan: I'm quite manic when it comes to determining this. I like Freja Bej, Gaia Repossi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Emmanuelle Alt. They sort of epitomize the masculine, minimal, grundgey, tassled-hair thing that can never fail. Sometimes it's Michele Phillips (Of The Mamas and The Papas), sometimes it's Annie Hall. When I was in London I became fascinated with the 1960's "Blow Up" / David Bailey era. Penelope Tree, Bianca Jagger, Jean Seberg, Francoise Hardy. I'm all over the map though - When I was little I wanted to be Ziggy Stardust, I think my imagination has toned down a bit since then. 
Katerina: It would be a mix of Viviana Volpicella and Giovanna Battaglia if they were going through a homeless-Mary-Kate-and-Ashley phase.

Favorite item you own?
Morgan: My great grandmother designed this Studio 54-esque silver tunic that I adore. When you hold out your hands, you look like a flying squirrel. I also have this super-soft , ripped up "White Zombie" shirt that I found on the beach in LA when I was a tween. 
Katerina: A pair of swirly see-through organza Valentino shorts that I have actually never worn, they just kind of intimidate me so it's more like a one-sided admiration kind of relationship with them.

Who are your Favorite Designers?
Morgan: Dries, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Margiela. I love the irony of Scandinavian designers - such as Ostwald Helgason. Most of my designer items are actually salvaged from my mom or grandmother though. I'm not that kind of frump.
Katerina: I would wear anything as long as it's offensively loud or severely miss matched but Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Christopher Kane are particularly tickling my fancy right now.

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