Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Best Friends, Lovers and a Matching Couple...

Doesn't matter who you love, dressing a like is never a good thing for couples. Not nearly as bad if you are two goodlooking girls, much easier to deal with, in sheer shirts matching black pants that allow for some ankle cleavage. Only thing He could really ask for is some higher heels. Caught these two from behind and a few hours later got the full frontal.

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  1. Chances are they both work retail at the same store. If you see two girls in the same outfit with only slight variations (color of pieces, shoes) it's 90% certain they are retail employees on their lunch break. Ask next time, I bet it will be true.

    1. not sure that coworkers in retail hold hands, kiss, and grab each others asses on lunch break, but maybe they do


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