Monday, April 29, 2013

The Cut: "Red Carpet Trend: Side-Butt Is the New Sideboob"...FALSE!

The Cut: When Gwyneth Paltrow displayed her toned haunches in a sheer-paneled Antonio Berardi gown last night, she joined a resurgent red carpet trend: showing off the side of your butt. This spring, the trendiest part of the torso is the upper midriff. And the trendiest part of a celebrity's derriere is its sides.
This is the Cut's comprehensive guide to side-butt, featuring the hindquarters of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart, and Heidi Klum. Side-butt is the new sideboob.

First off, non of these are side ass. And while sheer has become a huge factory lately in areas of the upper leg, lower low back regions, side butt is not taking over for side boob. These are great because underwear is not required, but let's be real it a cheap thrill that really does nothing for anyone. He would spend more time thinking about the ass in the dress than the apparent side ass that is not visible. Its freaking upper thigh at most.

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