Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is this One of the Worst Outfits We have Ever Seen?

Mini Heels with Bows...Check
Scraps on Legs...Check
Label still on bottom of shoe....Check
Overall Nastiness...Check

5 outta 5 is pretty bad. Not sure if this is the worst outfit we have ever featured but it has to be top 10.

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  1. I think she looks lovely. The dress is a great shade of blue that goes well with her colouring and the shoes are feminine but still go with the statement jacket and (functional) shades. The only thing I would possibly say 'no' to is the bag, but from what I can see she's obviously picked it out for function, not style, which is fair enough considering she's completely unaware that a stranger is going to post her photo to the internet and invite other strangers to judge her.

    "Mini heels with bows" - I don't see the problem. Mini heels are a great way of getting the benefit of heels (better leg shape, better posture, better bum shaping) without having to teeter-totter about terrified of breaking your ankle.
    "FUPA" - it's a body shape, I'm not sure what this has to do with fashion?
    "Scrapes on legs" - all that says to me is that she's a human being, I'm not sure what the problem is? Unless you're unhappy with her showing her legs when they aren't pristine perfect, in which case I'd put forward the view that she has clearly dressed for the weather and her personal taste, not for you.
    "Label still on bottom of shoe" - oops! You have no idea how common this is among everyone, I've seen plenty of men and women who forget about that. Luckily, most people won't see it, as surprisingly few people check out the bottom of people's shoes.
    "Overall Nastiness" - sorry, I'd need more clarification regarding what the criteria are for this particular category.

    Women tend to dress for women, and the woman they most want to impress is themselves. This is the perfect example of that - she's happy, comfortable, looks good, and probably wasn't considering what the men on the street thought of her at all.

    1. no one said men should have labels on the bottom of their shoes, either, no matter who has them, it looks bad

      mini heels are gross, only for people who cant handle high heels

      from a mans point of view or a fashion point of view this outfit does not look good


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