Thursday, April 25, 2013

Battle Royale - Stone Cold Fox vs For Love and Lemons

He saw this tweet last night, tried to get to the bottom of it. More importantly though He likes both brands, they both have some amazing clothing, real sexy, hot sh*t, but He wants to know what the world thinks.
Similar brands with "similar" products, He would say that the same type of girl is probably buying clothing from both brands, or at least its a close enough style that it fits the same girl. He has never seen either in person, so quality is tossed to the side for the sake of argument (unless there is input).

To be completely honest He featured FLL long time ago and even did an interview with Gillian and Laura, however that was close to two years ago as the brand was just starting to take off. He hasn't ever conversed with the SCF girls, but they seem like they would be cool chicks too.

He messaged both parties on FB for comments, nothing back yet...

Which Brand Do You Like Better?

Stone Cold Fox 
For Love and Lemons

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