Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time to Get Cheeky with Kovey Swimwear

Kovey is a women’s surf brand, born and bred in Southern California.
Kovey is defined as a nickname for someone you love and adore.
With attention to detail, we design swimwear for fashion, function, comfort, and quality. 

Cheeky Bottom Season is right around the corner, and if your balls aren't big enough yet to throw away your grandma's bikini than stop reading because He is over you. It's 2013, and the questions is no longer about Cheeky or Not but How Cheeky Do you Go! He used to write post after post of new up and coming swimwear companies, many of which went from the pages of FbyHe to global dominance. He wishes only the best for all the brands He writes about, unless He is writing something terrible. Check out Kovey, another newly launched Cheeky Bottom Swimwear company, buy a cheeky bottom, and He will see ya on the beach. If you aren't wearing a cheeky bottom, stay home!

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