Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ever Heard of

Let's be clear, He has no problem with plus sized models. What in the world is this website. He was just sent a tip for it, and it is legit material for weeks. Almost like a NastyGal intern left and started their own company, the styling is probably at a high school level, and that is being polite. The buyers should all be fired too, well buyers or designers, not sure who is giving the approvals on some of these items. Cut outs, sheer is NOT suppose to just be thrown together any which way a child decides.

They have 140k likes on facebook, real or fake that is a lot of likes. Doesn't mean the people that like this company aren't also idiots. Hot Models, Sell Hot Clothing, not better combination. The girls on this website, sure they are goodlooking, not going to hate on any of them, but some of them probably shouldn't be modeling on a sales site like this. At some point your friends no longer become acceptable models and you have to hire real models to stand in for the pictures.

But really it isn't the models that bother He that much, its the poor quality of dresses and clothing that is actually frightening.Who in their right mind?

Not trying to make enemies or anything, but He saw this site and some of the products, and its mind blowing.

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