Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Turn T-shirt into Braided Back Shirt...

Everyone is getting ready for summer, saw this post on Aqui blog and thought why re-invent the wheel. He is no cut and sew guy himself, but most of you chicks like to get wild and crazy with your shirt designs. If you buy a FbyHe Shirt and turn it into a DIY project, contact He and He will feature you.

P.S. Perfect shirt for the No Bra Revolution.
P.S. See details after the break on how to make this happen or check out the Aqui blog

All info from Aqui blog

 you will need:
-fabric Sheers
-thread/ needle
1. Start by lightly drawing a rounded upside down T shape on the shirt and cut along the lines.
 2. Next cut the middle piece into three strips and braid.
3. Next cut each side section into three three strips.
*Tip* I cut out fabric in between the strips but if you want thicker braids, don't leave any space.
4. Now, cut each of those three sections into three more strips and braid. You should end up with three braids on either side, pointing toward the middle.
 5. Sew each of these braids to the center braid and carefully cut off excess fabric.
6. Now it's time to create the top. Cut off the sleeves at the seam and cut the fabric into three sections, just as you did with the back. Braid the fabric and tie off with rubber bands, bobby pins, or safety pins so they won't unravel as you assemble. 
7. Last, sew the straps to the middle piece at the neck and cut off excess fabric. Enjoy!
Try it as a cover up! Make sure to check out my other projects here!

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  1. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing, He! xo

  2. The scenery is beautiful, the clothes and also look good

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