Friday, March 22, 2013

Ch-Armed Armwear is Anything But Sexy and Sassy

 The Zeitgeist called; it was time to create my line of ChArmed wear and have the rest of the world catch up. I wear my creations during my shows with my current band and every where else I go including the gym, affairs & nights out with the girls. I put lots of love and thought into the design and creation of each item and hope that you help me set a trend!

Not sure who He feels worse for the designer who thought this was a good idea, or the friends and family that were forced to model this terrible idea. Unless these are for 8 year old dance teams, to think for a second a middle aged woman is going to a bar to drink martinis in one of these things is the most absurd thought ever. Sorry lady but the world is NEVER going to catch up with this trend, and that's coming from the King of Fashion, so its fact.

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