Thursday, February 7, 2013

WildFox Couture takes over Fashion Week...

WILDFOX knows how to put on a show/presentation and throw a party.  The fun started at Capitale, downtown, and the food and drinks were not in short supply. A good looking crowd filled an enormous space of dark lights and good music. These are the type of events all fashion companies should have, the ones if you show up in less then 4" heel you get stares.
"I Left My Wallet in East Hampton" Tank Top
Old School, Frank Sinatra feel and music, had the models (and crowd) dancing the entire presentation. Everyone should be excited for these sequins dresses, cut perfectly to show off some side boob, legs and back; He's favorite spots. Wildfox put out a collection that is going to leave people wanting every outfit. Start saving up your money now, hot clothing coming your way

Check out more pictures and review after the break...

 How Bad can a Good Girl Get?
 Legs for Days

 Always a little awkward when models are forced to dance, but add a little champagne to the mix, put them in sexy clothing, and all is well with the world.
 yup, made eye contact with He and fell in love, obviously sequin shorts was He's favorite
 Here kitty kitty
Sequins high shorts, and American flag high shorts were the big winners of these looks. 
Bring on summer and more Wildfox!

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