Monday, February 25, 2013

Spirit Airlines Sucks and More Flying Complaints...

First off, He will never ever fly Spirit Airlines again. For you Spirit Airlines employees, CEO, whoever reading this, hell the FAA should read this.. Tell your flight attendants that playing on their iPhones while telling everyone else to turn off all electronic devices is a bit hypocritical, and probably against the law. Next, Spirit Airlines is the trailer park of airlines. Airplane was not vacuumed, He actually had to remove the crumbs before sitting down. Could go on and on, but do yourself a favor and DO NOT fly Spirit Airlines.

Things I learned while flying...
He has flown a decent amount in He's lifetime, but with boredom comes ideas. He got bored and decided to write down some thoughts about the things He saw while flying and waiting to fly...

1- I'd you have a Mohawk past te age of 13 you need to reevaluate your life choices ... Especially if you are 25+

2- pony tails are for some only

3- of you are scared of flying do everyone a favor and don't fly

4-if you are too fat for the seatbelt a and need a seatbelt extender ...I dot want you in an emergency exit row nor do you deserve the leg room, same goes true for old people, how they fck are they being allowed to sit in an emergency exit row

5- goodlooking people should be sat in the front of the plane ugly people to the back

6-people who rush to get on teh plane and the people who rush to get of the plane are all a group of morons
6a - no running once the plane lands, stand/sit but your seat and wait to get off, people who rush to get up an extra row, or push to get their shit should be banned from flying, saving yourself the 1 min of time does nothing.

7-anyone who doesn't know how to use an airplane seaplane should be removed off the flight immediately...

8-there should be a dress code for flying socks w sandals, no men in sandals, no bare feet ever

9-if you can't figure out how to find your seat you will be immediately removed from the's fucking numbered rows

10-flight attendants should all be nice and nice to look at

11-a seat belt at 30k feet isn't gonna do shit, turbulence or not, no one is getting thrown from their seat, lets relax a little

12-wearing a neck pillow while walking around the airport is completely ridiculous

13 why do people get on an airplane and look around confused? First time? The numbered seating difficult to figure out? Keep it moving

14 - if you sneeze on an airplane cover your mouth. If you yawn don't be a dick and yawn loud enough for everyone to hear.

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