Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HottHe of the Week...Jen

Introducing Jen, here is an amazing example of a girl who knows she has some insanely awesome assets and works to extenuate them.Obviously He is talking about her legs. What He really love about Jen? In every single picture she's in with friends she is wearing the highest heels out of everyone. The Higher the Heel, the Hotter the Girl...Can't teach that sort of thing, ya either have it or you don't. Jen has it among some amazing other things, how this girl isn't modeling in FbyHe gear yet is unacceptable. Jen, He loves you and you are now the HottHe of the Week.

How would you describe your style?  If I was to describe my style in one word I would have to choose is diverse. This is because I don’t believe I have one specific style. I have an array of different “styles.” Depending on the day, mood, or place I am going my style with range. Sometimes one may describe me as girly, when another person, seeing me on a different day, may think my style has a “hipster” vibe. I think it is important to have a mixture of different clothing in your closet in order to keep things more interesting!

Who is Your Style Icon?  It was not as easy as I had thought at first glance to think of who my “style icon” is. This has to do with what I discussed prior; since I like to have variety within my style, my style icon had to be someone who can “pull off” a number of looks. With putting in lots of thought along with doing some research, I have decided that the famous Jennifer Lopez is my style icon. “J-lo” has basically wore, and pulled off every look within the fashion world. There are times where she is “rocking” a glittery Dolce Do-up, while other times she is still looking fabulous in a Lanvin suit type outfit. Jennifer Lopez is daring with her outfit choices, her daringness plays a big part as to why she is my style icon.

Favorite item you own? My favorite item I own is a Marc Jacobs black purse. It is classy, yet the gold studs that are on the purse give it the ability to “spice up” any outfit. It also tends to match with almost everything!

Who are your Favorite Designers? My favorite designers include: Dolce&Gabana, Material Girl by Lourdes (Madonnas daughter), Bebe, and Herve Leger.

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