Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HottHe of the Week...Andrea and Teresa

Double HottHe of the Week feature, Andrea and Teresa. You can vote for both of them in the All Black Style Competition. He is a huge fan when two blogger friends with amazing style, who both also happen to be gorgeous team up to create one blog. Doesn't always work out, but in this case, they have something really good going on. Both Andrea and Teresa have insanely awesome style, there isn't one outfit He didnt' like. Super high heels, great outfits, everything He Approved, that is why Andrea and Teresa are HottHes of the Week!

How would you describe your style?
Andrea:  If I would have to describe my style with two words, it would be: feminine and elegant. I love high heels, small dresses and red lips. I like following actual trends and adapting it to my own style, without ever losing elegance and trying to be a little bit sexy. The current trends I feel more identified with is: glam rock, army and leather (I love this last one!).
Teresa: When I have to think of what to wear, the word is versatility. I love looks with a variety of layers and colors. And I feel great in jeans, a shirt and heels.

Who is Your Style Icon?
Andrea: I don't have a style icon. I just keep checking a lot of fashion blogs and magazines in able to be up to date about the lastest trends, and then I create my own style.
Teresa: Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.

Favorite item you own? 
Andrea: My favorite item is a white shirt. It fits with almost everything and it works in a lot of different occasions. You can wear it during the entire year, and it is an item which you can combine easily if you dont have too much time to think about your outfit.
Teresa: Well, I don't think I could pick just one. I love XL necklaces and different color lipstick.

Who are your Favorite Designers?
Andrea: My favorite designers are: Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano.
Teresa: I don't have a favorite designer, but if I could wear anything, I would choose Oliver Rousteing (Balmain) international designer, and as national designer Andres Sarda.

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