Friday, February 8, 2013

FashionVOTE by He...Who Wore it Better?

Well it's winter, so all the ladies of nyc break out the fur and the boots. Whether it's full fur jacket or just a little on the hood, everyone has some somewhere. Grab your fur jacket and lets play the game of Who Wore it Better...

What are we looking at?
Girls 1: Wedge boot. Love these boots, big wedge knee high, big fan of these. Pretty sure that is a nice bag, someone will have to help out on that. Hair looks to be good, but she's hiding from the camera. Hard to hate this look even though it seems simple.
 Girls 2: These boots more ugg-ish then anything, and we hate Uggs over here. Over the knee boots, are suppose to be sexier, but these do nothing for He. Jacket is full on fur which is fine, doesn't bother He a whole lot, just not in love with the outfit.

Time for the ArmHE to Vote...

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