Monday, February 25, 2013

Fashion by He's Top Oscar Outfits of 2013...

#1 Samantha Barks - Blew out the competition.
#2 Stacey Kiebler - When you are on Klooney's arm you gotta bring your A game. High neck, and back sheer is real sexy. He Approved
#3 Naomi Watts - Solid outfit, not a ton of other stuff to compete with this year, so she gets the 3 spot almost by default.
#3 Halle Berry - She never looks bad. Always wears something to make herself look awesome, and she never ages, which is a little weird.

He was going to write a whole best and worst dressed of the Oscars, but after flying all night, and seeing all the outfits via Instagram, He wasn't impressed enough with any of them, to make a worth while post.Anyway, He went through some more pictures this morning and came up with some winners and losers.

Honorable Mention:  
Charlize Theron: You lose points because your hair is terrible, movie or not, not a fan of this hair job.
Jennifer Lawrence: Love the Backlace, falling is funny

Worst Dressed:
Anne Hathaway: You looked like a 14 year old boy in a prom dress
Kristen Stewart: You look like death, always.
Maria Menounos: Could you be screaming for any more attention in hot pink?
Jennifer Aniston: Give Up! Brad isn't your husband anymore, you are never going to be a super celebrity every again, the huge puffy red dress is a call to attention, you aren't fooling anyone.

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  2. Stacey Kiebler was definitely one of my top 3 also.

    Maggie A.
    Love Scrapbook

  3. Nice post.. but for me, Stacey Kiebler was the best..!! Too hot ;)


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