Thursday, January 31, 2013

FashionGIVEAWAY by He...OYE Swimwear

The ArmHe was going crazy after He did a post two weeks ago on OYE Swimwear, absolutely nuts. Everyone and their mother calling He to get OYE to team up with HE for a Giveaway. Well ladies and gents, He did just that. OYE Swimwear and Fashion by He are going to give you want you want. It's Giveaway time baby! To be completely honest, OYE Swimwear in He's head is sex clothing, meaning, how could any guy not want to instantly want to have sex with any girl in any of their items? Look at the collection, there is nothing in it that doesn't make He want the girl in it.

This one-piece boat neck swimsuit with sheer panels in a geometric pattern is as sexy as it gets.
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Remember Martha?

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  1. i have not owned an actual one piece in a long time. and this suit is amazing ! the design is jaw dropping !.. (medium -

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  3. Wow, sexy! I need something sexy like that to make my man happy :)

  4. I have not seen a sexier one-piece in a very long time! I think its absolutely delicious! It's perfect for swimming too! Which i love!. I would rock it with some very subtle gold jewels i could swim in. I am a huge fan of OYE, i think they are pioneering something very special (edgy, fashion forward, yet SEXY swimwear- without being trashy) that is pretty powerful. amazing taste :) XS

  5. I don't know what i should comment about the awesome swimwear because the swimwear really cool and i want it! i'll like a queen and people will look at to me because OYE swimwear never i seen in my country. haha
    medium -

  6. It's so sexy!! I like it a lot! Size Medium.


    Thanks! :)

  7. I should win because the last time I actually went to the beach was 3 years ago, I recently moved to the beach but since it's still in winter here I wasn't able to go to the beach and the most important I need a new bathing suit, and this body suit it's the most AMAZING and eye catching ever, I'm certain that I'll not need another bathing suit if I win this one !
    Size : Small

  8. I would love to win this piece, because then I would go into the water more often!
    Size: Large

  9. Bathing suits are always the most intimidating part of summer, but this piece has such an empowering strength. This kind of tasteful sexiness is perfect for those of us still struggling with self-confidence.

    Size small

  10. It's soo....beautiful.. ;__;
    Size S

  11. Because I never won anything :S and it would be awesome if I can win that :)
    Size: S
    e-mail :

  12. Because I need to feel me sexy! :)
    size M

  13. I've always wanted a bathing suit like this it's super-unique and amazingly fashionable- it would give me a lil bit more confidence and the feeling of attractiveness- as we just broke up mith my bf -so for the new and adventurous summer! :)

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com
    size: S


  14. I wonder if this giveaway is international (cause if it's not then i am going to cry my eyes out). The reason i deserve to win this giveaway is simple: i currently have no swimwear and living in a country with sun and heat 250 days of the year one needs a swimsuit. This piece of hotness isn't only a swimsuit though it's so much more than that, it can also be transformed into a top and mixed with a long skirt, mini skirt, trousers or shorts can sex-y up any outfit.
    Gotta have this.
    size Large

    1. Oh and my email is:

  15. This swimsuit is gorgeous and I definitely need a new one!

    S or M

  16. This swimsuit is just pure perfection <3 It's unique and one of a kind!
    Not only can you wear it as a bathingsuit, but you can also match it with a skirt or high-waisted shorts!
    I'm in love.

    I'm a size S, my mail is: roxannerive @

  17. Out of sudden Im falling in love with this trendy swimwear .. I got a pin picture on my homebord then surfed the offical website and pinned it and got many many followers back .. I would really love having one piece guys .. my size is ((Small)) .

  18. would LOVE to win this amazing suit!!!! Couldn't be MORE perfect for my trip to Tel Aviv this summer!! My first time there and having this would make it even more AMAZING!!!

    Size small
    email: abethurem @


  19. Won't let me post my tweet link in box? @dropastitch

  20. Because it would look perfect on me :)
    size: small


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