Friday, January 25, 2013

#1 Most Hated Bikini Top...

What is the point of the strings? Can't you just wear a bandeau? What is the point Absolutely HATE those straps, if you want to do one decent thing for yourself never buy one of these bikini tops. Can't be holding anything up, the strings are way too small and its already a bandeau so the straps are worthless. On Top of that who the heel wants those kind of tan lines. Can anyone explain the idea or thought behind these?

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  1. I did not contest this, can you explain?
    You left a message on my page on Chictopia.

    hope you submit an outfit to the fashion by he style competition with a chance to win $150 theme is all black see details on the blog cant wait to see your outfit this contest is open worldwide

  2. he could just use his brain a little and stop bitching about these very useful strings that wont let your bandeau float away


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