Thursday, December 27, 2012

Models Off Duty...Union Square Edition

Union Square is one of the top locations of the world to shoot off duty models. The Model Lounge is right there and they have a lot of castings in the area, so for all you stalkers out there now you know one spot to go. The problem with Union Square is it is full of these idiot fools trying to save the world, save the children, save planned parenthood, and then the other dudes trying to sell you a hair cut. Well models can't just go and get their hair cut whenever they want, agencies have rules. So when you see these hair cutting fools try and talk to a model its humorous, because a) they know the rules and b) you know they just want and excuse to talk to a good looking girl. Apparently it works sometimes, this chick stopped long enough for He to snap a bunch of pictures.

Models always smile and try to be nice, but its great when they barely speak english but don't know how to get out of the awkard situation.

More pics after the break...

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