Thursday, December 13, 2012

FashionGIVEAWAY by He...Sail & Sass

  A Sail & Sass girl thrives on adventure. You will see her by the beach on a weekly basis, taking spontaneous road trips or flights across the country. She will be the first to dive in the water and dance on the sand until the tide rolls in. Sail & Sass is about having confidence and finding the comfort in your skin. Embrace the Long Island lifestyle no matter where you live. Xx

Merry F*cking Christmas to He and the ArmHe. You see the ass on that girl, holy perfection. Only answer He can think of is that it must be the bikini, because no way He lives in a world where that ass exists and He and the model aren't real close. Only right thing to do is to team up with Sail & Sass  and bring someone in the ArmHe a FREE Bikini and hopefully turn there ass into something as magical. Go Cheeky!


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  1. it would be nice to wear this in a swimming pool with a coverup tunic , I live in a hot and humid climate .
    medium size thanks and happy holidays He .

  2. I need this bikini!!!! *.*
    Size M

  3. I would be so honored to win this giveaway! This winter break I have planed to work out and eat healthy everyday with my mom to motivate each other to stay fit and get back in shape. I think this would be a great prize to work toward and celebrate my success! I would lose my self-consciousness and gain some confidence in a bikini. I am going to Daytone beach in April, and a cruise to the caribbean in June! I would love to show off my new body and this amazing suit!

    I am a size Medium.
    twitter: @rayleeheygrrr

  4. After all my hard work on losing weight I deserve to win a bikini ;)size medium pbkup(at)gardener(dot)com

  5. i never have bikini, seriously.
    but, i wanna join this giveaway
    i am a size M

  6. I'm broke, and it would be a nice gift for my girlfriend.
    Size: S

  7. I deserve to win because I love Bikinis and I buy a lot of bikinis and I love yours! and I live in Hawaii so I will use it a lot and my email is and my size-s.....Thanks so much I hope I win

  8. I love it and I think it would look cute on me
    Size small

  9. Because I love it!
    Size: Medium
    Email: Holliister at gmail dot com

  10. I hope to win this cheeky kini because I love everything these suits represent: confidence, fun, and adventure. Even in rainy Seattle I like to keep the Island lifestyle going year-round. Size small, email, fingers crossed!! xoxo

  11. because i am a huge Fashion By He fan and will model this for you personally ;-)
    size: medium


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