Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't Wear Sequins on NYE...Peace Out 2012!!

Just because every store and online retailer is showing sequins for new years eve, does not mean you have to wear sequins. There is going to be an insane number of girls in sequins on nye, but the ArmHe will be one step ahead looking even better. There is still time to get a nye dress, and He would recommend you not get sequins dress. Way to Cliche. Go with something else sexy, black, lace, red, sheer, blue, there are a million options. Get a backless dress, add some body chains/jewelry, get shiny sparkle shoes, but whatever you do, don't be the girl in sequins.

Editors Note:  Same post as last year, something just don't change.

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  1. Absolutely true. I have suggested that to my girlfriends too Not sequin dress for NYE.

  2. Wow i really love your blog!


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