Thursday, November 8, 2012

Underwear Restrictions on Leggings...

Two years ago, He posted the RULES WHEN WEARING LEGGINGS. Since then times have changed, but the rules have not. After Hurricane Sandy came through NYC, every girl was out in black leggings, which was a great start to the recovery.

But this leads to the issue at hand...

UNDERWEAR LINES IN LEGGINGS. How can you be that dumb to wear skin tight leggings and let the world see your granny p*nties. Leggings make guys want to bang you, but when you put on your granny panties and we see your underwear lines through the leggings, we no longer want to go near you. Its gross.Wear the leggings, but wear underwear that fit the theme, no underwear lines allowed. No boy shorts, no granny p*nties, none of that stuff, looks terrible, let your ass shine in all its glory without underwear lines distract from it.

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