Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Tala

Meet the Queen of Bikinis, Tala Kolb. Officially your go to source for any and all bathing suits news. Want to be up to date on bikinis, launches, new collections? Well travel the world with HottHe of the Week Tala and you can do just that. Tala runs a blog dedicated to bathing suits, and Cheeky Bottoms ;-) Aka gorgeous girl traveling the world in a different bikini every day. Lastly, if you need someone to be jealous of, Tala might be your number 1 pick, wait until you see some of the places she travels to, and she does it all in a bikini. HottHe material indeed.

How would you describe your style? i don't know what it would be called...southern cali beach girl style, i love my cowboy boots, denim, but also french-y girly dresses...inspired by rock n roll, surfers, brigitte bardot, fairies...i mean i'm all over the place. it's tala style :)

Who is Your Style Icon?  Kate moss, brigitte bardot, johnny depp, ariel from little mermaid...i mean i have so many!

Favorite item you own?  this gold heart stretchy bracelet that was my great grandmothers.  

What is your favorite Bikini?  oh gosh i have so many faves!!! what!?? just one??? i can't. i just have so many....maybe i can narrow down top totally impressive lines this season...but i can't say i have just one favorite bikini. but, a little secret...i do have extra storage for my extra special fave bikinis.

What made you decide to become the Bikini Queen?  the bikini queen!!!!....i didn't really decide it...but geee i'm honored to be the bikini queen!!!! i just loved them since i can't even remember! it's in the blood!!!!!

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