Friday, November 30, 2012

Amanda Bynes and He Are Going Out Tonight! Count it!

Was gonna make Amanda Bynes a Guess that Celebrity Style, but NO, she deserves better. This girl gets more shit then the streets in Central Park. He f*cking loves her and has no problem saying it. Hell Amanda, if you are still in NYC, lets get drinks tonight. Don't care what you say this girl still has it, and if she wants to turn it on in a second she can. One night with He in a low key bar, great times, and f*ck everyone else. So Amanda, after you read this, text/call/instagram/tweet, and lets do it. One thing is for sure, scarf in front of her face or not, the style is still there.

P.S. Olsen's if you are reading this, would much rather take you out tonight and show you what you are missing with that 60 yr old creeper you walk around with.

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