Friday, October 5, 2012

Who is the Best Dressed of the Group?

Not a bad trio walking down the street together, obviously they all discussed their outfits before hand, or at least two of them did. Girls should really just put their best outfit on, and if her friends don't do the same, they lose out. Enough of this collusion sh*t. First off, crazy pants has the longest hair, so that gets a bonus point, shes wearing heels everyone is in wedges, so slight point there. Crazy pants also went a little wild with the pants, so extra points for not wearing jeans wedges and a sheer white shirt. As for the other two, vertical stripe heels just like all vertical stripes make the shoes look bigger. But vertical stripe wedge, has shorter hair, a weird bag, legs don't look as good as girl on the left, and the sheer white shirt looks better on left girl.
What are your rankings for these three?

Fashion by He's Rankings:
1) crazy pants
2) girl on left
3) girl in back on right

Check out more pictures of the trio after the break...

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1 comment:

  1. I like the crazy pants but with the fluffy white t-shirt it looks like ice cream on a lolli pop stick. Sorry for that!


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