Thursday, October 11, 2012

Small Heels Should be Banned from Clubs...

Thanks to Ariel P for the pic

Here is the deal. There is no one douche-ier then the dudes who work the door at bars/clubs, no one! He thinks places that are that exclusive they need douche bags outside are not worth the time, and are never as fun as a normal place. Having said all that, these places do exist and if He ever owned a bar/club/restaurant or whatever, there would be dress rules. Rule #1: NO Mini Heels. Unless you bring a letter from your doctor, in which case you should just show up barefoot, no ladies would ever be let in without a 4"+ heel on. Plain and simple, no front door douchebags, instead front door fashion police. BINGO!

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  1. Damn, those were the shoes I had on to wear tonight. LOL What is He doing tonight? Hope to see you! HAPPY THIRST-HE THURSDAY!


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