Monday, October 8, 2012

Models Should Want to be Photographed More...

If He was a model (and He should be) He would be all over the streets trying to get He's picture taken. In this world where social media is king, these model chicks should be looking to be plastered all over the internet but any and all street style photographers. Models should be kicking ass and taking names on twitter, and blogs around the world. For the few smart model bloggers out there, He can almost guarantee brands/casting directors want to work with those types of girls more then any other model. Why wouldn't a brand want to book a model who already has a huge following of her own Forget ModelLounge, forget coffee shops, models should be standing on every street corner downtown looking for someone to take their picture and post it on the internet. Its FREE publicity, that will most likely be pinned and repinned, Tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebook'd and Tumbled a billion times.

Models sometimes wear simple outfits that still look kick ass. Jeans and tank top would usually be a boring outfit, but with a bright pair of red heels, we are in business.

P.S. Any models looking for FREE publicity from the King of Fashion, let He know, well make it happen.

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