Monday, October 22, 2012

The Official Guide to Upper Arm Bangles...

He went out to recruit some help to bring the ArmHe a how to guide on Upper Arm Bangles. See if want chicks to pull off a certain look, ya gotta help them better understand how to do it. He asked Yevy (instagram @yyelkina) of Hypnotic Fascination step in with some pointers on the Upper Arm Bangle. Here it is, the guide to upper arm bangles:
Perfecting upper-arm-bangle feng shui can be a tricky feat - and yet worth every single inch of metal to skin irritation. From ball gowns to tank tops, UAB add visual interest in unexpected places, and solve armpartyintheoffice annoyances. More is more, go big or go home – so embrace your inner Xena and let’s get started.

The true trick to UAB is balance. A single cuff looks great with a chest-load of neck amour, while triple arm bangles dress up a simple LBD. Don’t be a symmetrical bore. Play with different textures, shapes and gasp! even metals. The overall effect is always better achieved with scattered bling along both arms. A maxi-bangle combo is boho chic at its finest, and a bustier with 70s flares are the best backdrop to some daring diva arm swag.
A word of advice? Unless your arm is the width of your pinky, buy the designated amour. Don’t force a regular bracelet up your flabby limbs. Tricep muffin top is never pretty.

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