Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Full Body Bodysuits Are a He Favorite...

Not sure what the other men in the ArmHe think of full body bodysuits, but He happens to be a big fan. Of course they aren't exactly easy access, or the most convenient garment but there is something very hot about them. Whether you are buying this Emilio Cavalilini bodysuit or just an inexpensive one from elsewhere easy to throw on and now you have your body suit and tights all mixed together as one. Looks really weird picture here with underwear and a bra showing through, but He is positive the ArmHe could turn this into a better outfit. Is He the only one who likes the full body bodysuit or are there others out there?

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  1. I have bod-HE suits just like this, guess that means I am HE approved LOL

  2. um i want to be in the com-HE-tition....i have plent-HE of body suits that are all he approved.


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