Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank You...LuluLemon

See the ladies of the world went out and found this new exercise clothing company Lululemon and are now acting like they found the best thing in the world. Well do you want to know the truth? This was all planned out by man. Just like black leggings were planned and designed by man, so is Lululemon. It is just men as a group deciding that there is a whole older generation of women with great asses that can be exposed if we transformed the typical black legging into something a little be classier. Women like to think they buy and wear Lululemon to look good for themselves and for other women, and us men are going to just sit back and relax as you run your tight little asses all over the city thinking that. But trust He, where there is a women in Lululemon leggings, we have a man on the scene checking it out. So here is to you ladies of the world, keep wearing your black exercise leggings, it's what helps us men make it through the week.

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  1. Sometimes, I think these are worn for reasons other than exercise. I do admit to a guilty pleasure- yoga pants and these active leggings make a booty look good. Lululemon surely has contributed to how bootylicious these pants can be.

  2. Another LuLu Pro: They're very well made. I received my first pair of lululemon yoga pants in high school and they're still in great condition ten years later!


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